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We at Brasca go beyond the traditional way of consulting, we play in your team to implement key strategies by combining our business experience, technical expertise, social intelligence and market knowledge.​ Brasca enables our business partners to grow internationally with down-to-earth execution practices and delivering data-driven critical decision support.​

"I think that without owning something, over an extended period […] where one has a chance to take responsibility for one's recommendations, where one has to see one's recommendations through all action stages and accumulate scar tissue for the mistakes and pick oneself up off the ground and dust oneself off, one learns a fraction of what one can."

Steve Jobs (Lecture at MIT Sloan distinguished Speaker Series, Spring 1992)

Experience & Expertise

Brasca was established and registered simultaneously in the UK and in Norway in 2005. As the business volume in Norway has grown, Brasca has only operated through its Norwegian unit since 2009, and has completed more than 100 assignments.

Our unique mix of marrying demand-led opportunities with proven management consultancy methods underpins Brasca’s success to-date, reputation and client satisfaction.​

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Vision for the future

A partnership achieving its full economic potential by:

Allowing the local ventures to access global niche markets

Increasing the flow of information between governments, businesses and citizens

Enabling local business productivity and competitiveness

Our team


Marcio de Alencar

Managing Partner

MSc in Engineering & MBA


Marcos Segui

Project Manager & Partner

MSc in Engineering & MBA


Ove Bratsberg

Project Manager & Senior Associate

BSc in Engineering & International Business