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A Course for Professionals

The way of doing business in a country is rooted in its social, political and economic culture. The courses prepare participants to deal with the dynamic and changing environment of Brazil, which may turn out to be the most important factor for companies to perform there successfully.

• What does it take to excel in your job in Brazil? • What are the fundamentals of the Brazilian political and economic systems? • What should one read? • Whom should one know about? • How do a Brazilian official think? • What is currently happening in Brazil? • What is giving results? • What are the challenges?

Course Structure

The courses comprise a serie of lectures and discussion sessions. Short texts written by Brazilian experts, selected and translated from Portuguese, are made available for debate.

The courses are divided in modules that can be adapted to the client needs.

For more information, please contact Paulo Guimarães, paulo@brasca.no, +47 480 40 993.


Negócios na Escandinávia.

Também oferecemos cursos para empresas brasileiras interessadas em explorar o mercado escandinavo, com ênfase nos segmentos de energia (petróleo, gás e renováveis), telecomunicacões e inovacão tecnológica, sempre tendo a perspectiva da distinta cultura de negócios nórdica. Os cursos podem ser organizados em módulos, adaptados às necessidades específicas do cliente.



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