Brasca recognizes the importance of being able to develop a reliable and effective supply chain into Brazil for its clients. This may include different forms of distribution and sourcing, subject to the level of local content requirements, e.g. direct export, agent or importer, establishment of a local company, subsidiary or other form of distribution or, alternatively, acquisition of an existing company, and/or establishment of a joint venture.

Brasca collaborates with strategic partners throughout Brazil, ready to take new projects and challenges, with a large expertise in the local market as follows:

    • International freight and insurance;
    • Bonded warehouse;
    • Customer clearance;
    • National freight within Brazil;
    • Storage in Stile's warehouse or in clients storage facilities;
    • Dispatch of the goods;
    • Fractionated loading;
    • Delivery to the final customer DDP including all the Brazilian taxes.

Together with it's partners, Brasca provides advisory and consulting services for:

  • Regulations and procedures of importing and exporting goods into/from Brazil, including assistance in classifying the harmonized system code (NCM) of the goods.
  • Preparation of financial and tax planning models including financial benefits (FUNDAP)
    and tax benefits (INVEST, COMPET, etc.)

Feel free to contact us -  to talk about your specific industry, if we don’t
have the right experience we can find a good local partner among our relation network.

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