According to Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV-FundaçãoGetúlio Vargas), the Brazilian economy
projects a significant increase in consumption, a consequence of important improvements in
the following indicator:

  • per capita income increase of 3.1% per year, higher than the rate over the last 17 years
    (1.3% per year) but close to the average rates of recent years;

  • payroll growth of 3.5% per year, which would put Brazil in eighth place in 2030 among the economies paying the highest salaries; today, the nation ranks 11th;

  • consumption growth of 3.8% per year, making Brazil the fifth biggest consumer market in 2030

The income distribution and growth over the projection period will allow for the gradual social advancement of low-income families. This upward trend is a consequence of broader education,
new employment opportunities, increases in workforce productivity and maturation of age-bracket
and family structures.

The process of consumer market qualification brings about a new range of opportunities

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